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Neck and Shoulders Vitality Exercises

Stretches to relieve tension and injury recovery for neck and shoulders. 

This simple set of exercises only takes 5-10 minutes a day and will help ease your stress and discomfort. 

Remember throughout the exercises to: 

  • keep your breathing deep and relaxed,
  • keep your knees slightly bent, with your feet parallel and flat on the ground 
  • avoid twisting your knees or pivoting on your feet when turning your waist 
  • complete 4-10 repetitions of each stretch, slowly and intentionally, to the depth and degree that you feel is comfortable
  • listen to what your body is telling you
  • if you feel any pain, stop and gently come out of any stretch.

Consult a physician before starting this, or any, exercise regimen.

Please forward these stretches to anyone that you feel could benefit from them!

Dennis Mace, LMP



Neck and Shoulders Vitality Exercises

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